Friday, February 5, 2016

Some of the Funniest Harry Potter-Related Posts

      Any Harry Potter fan who has a Tumblr knows how intense the Harry Potter fandom can get on that website. If you're looking for small details from the books or movies that you missed, awesome fan theories, or the funniest memes and GIFs on the Internet, then Tumblr is the place for you.

     I've gone through countless memes, GIFs, and Tumblr posts to find some of my favorite funny Harry Potter posts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

       Like many American Harry Potter fans, the fact that they changed the Philosopher's Stone to the Socerer's Stone was, to put it frankly, ridiculous. Hopefully this Tumblr post at least makes you giggle a bit.

This post combined my two favorite things in the world: Harry Potter and Mean Girls.

A question all of us are dying to know the answer to...

This post is absolutely gold and one of my top five. 

The Darkest wizard of all time couldn't even manage to kill an infant. Fucking useless wizards are, I tell you....

If anyone was wondering, Harry Potter fanfiction actually does get that weird.

In case you were wondering which houses have their priorities in order...

little blonde lesbian from the snake house.

As you can see, there is some absolute gold floating around on Tumblr. It's definitely worth taking the time to investigate all of the Harry Potter information laying around on Tumblr. I personally love to take some time to investigate all of the awesome posts laying around. As a Harry Potter fan, I've learned stuff that I didn't know about the series from other Tumblr users.

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