Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Favorite Non-Trio Harry Potter Characters

      Everyone loves the Trio. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley are names that people throughout the world are familiar with. But other characters from the Harry Potter series deserve some attention too. Today I'll be talking about a few of my favorite characters and why they're my favorite.

Ginny Weasley
      One of my all-time favorite characters is undoubtedly Ginny Weasley. Once she gets over her initial shyness around Harry, we found out that Ginny is actually a really badass character. Not only is she capable of defending herself due to the fact that she grew up around a hoard of boys, but emotionally she is also a strong character. As we see after Harry breaks off his relationship with her, she doesn't mope about and wonder why Harry doesn't want her. Instead, she understands his point of view and fights the good fight while Harry and the rest of the Trio are off destroying Horcruxes.

Neville Longbottom
     Now, I'll be honest, I didn't pay much attention to Neville until OotP. But as we soon find out, there's so much more Neville than meets the eye. With some practice, he learns to cast spells well and he even goes on to perform some pretty advanced magic. During the last book, we see Neville leading the old D.A. group to keep Hogwarts and his friends safe.

Luna Lovegood
     Lastly, another one of my favorite characters is undoubtedly Luna Lovegood. In my opinion, the movies didn't do her justice at all. Not only was Luna lovably weird, but she was also smart and brave. She always did what she thought was right even if others didn't quite see it her way. She was also very brave when she was kidnapped by Death Eaters and locked away in a basement. Luna also had a great way of looking at things too. If she was in a difficult situation, she always found the bright side of things.

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