Thursday, February 18, 2016

Harry Potter Fan Creates a Working Weasley Clock

      In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the Weasley family has a famous clock sitting in their home. While most clocks tell you the time, the Weasley's clock tells you the location of each family member. For years, this clock only existed in the books and the movies. However, a Harry Potter fan has made this clock real!

The real life version of the Weasley's clock

     This clock was made real by Duke University student Trey Bagley. Bagley went and bought an antique clock and then got to work creating a remake of the Weasley's clock  for his own family. He began drawing out vector patterns and began working with a friend who is familiar with Illustrator.

    Inside the body of the clock, Bagley put and Internet of Things development hardware kit called Particle Proton. He then connected it to an addressable LED strip. Lastly, he used the task automater If This Then That to set location-based rules for each member of his family.

      The clock hands represent Bagley and his family members. They light up to show which family members are home, at work, on the way, forest, and mortal peril.

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