Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Would Ron and Hermione Last as a Couple?

        Before the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter fans had very different view points on which characters should have gotten together, had a relationship, and got married. I'm mainly going to focus on the Ron/Hermione ship, but I'm also going to talk about Harry/Hermione as well.

     We all know that Ron and Hermione get together in the end. But would it have lasted? J.K. Rowling has come forward and admitted that she does not think Ron and Hermione stay together. Even Rupert Grint has had his own opinions on Ron/Hermione (he didn't think that they would stay together either). I personally do not think that Ron and Hermione would have stayed together long term. One reason I think this because I don't think that Ron could have intellectually stimulated Hermione.

    From what I gathered in the books and movies, Ron isn't as interested in gaining knowledge as Hermione is. Ron barely did any of his school work, and frequently depended on Hermione to help him finish it. I suspect that Ron would have done this in other aspects of his life too. I don't think for two seconds that Ron was "dumb," though. I think he was just lazy. Ron is great at problem-solving and has a pretty good grasp of what he's doing with a wand (ha-ha, no pun intended).

     Another reason that I don't believe that Ron/Hermione could have stayed together is because Ron isn't exactly the best at communicating. I feel like that would have interfered with their relationship. I could see Ron and Hermione getting into arguments and the arguments just blowing up in their faces due to the Ron's inability to communicate.

     Although I shipped Ron/Hermione throughout the entire series, I now believe that Harry/Hermione would make a better couple. One reason for this is because I think Harry and Hermione would gave matched each other on an intellectual level. Although it is true that Harry didn't put as emphasis on his schoolwork as Hermione did, you can obviously tell that Harry is intelligent. Although he never liked to give himself credit for this, Harry was able to think quickly and smartly which saved his life and the lives of his friends on more than one occasion.

     I also feel like they would have communicated better as well. Harry has never had a problem letting his friends know when he was pissed off, scared, or sad. I feel like he would've had similar behaviors while he was in a relationship. I also feel like Harry and Hermione just had more in common than Ron and Hermione did.

Who do you ship?

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