Wednesday, March 23, 2016

5 Ways Harry Potter Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations

        I don't know about you, but after reading all of the Harry Potter books I wanted to experience it all. I wanted to go to Ollivander's and let a wand choose me. I wanted to be sorted into a House. I wanted to have cool school uniforms. Because J.K. Rowling made the books truly come to life, I eventually grew to have a few unrealistic expectations about life because of how glamorous Harry Potter made some of those things sound. I will be discussing my top five today.

Your Pets Do Not Deliver Your Mail
       One unrealistic expectation I had growing up was this: I wanted a pet that could deliver mail, just like Hedwig. In fact, as a child I looked into animals that could deliver mail. Unfortunately I didn't find anything worth mentioning. I grew to eventually accept the fact that I would not ever have a pet that delivered mail. As an adult I became way more realistic. Who even writes letters anymore? I can barely remember to reply to text messages sometimes.

Nobody Gets Sorted into Houses
      Another unrealistic expectation was the desire to get sorted into something resembling a House at school. Unfortunately the closest I ever got was being sorted into teams in middle school. It definitely was nowhere near as special as getting sorted into a House would be.

I've Never Found a Secret Room
      Yet another unrealistic expectation was that I desperately wanted to find a secret room somewhere (particularly at school). But I soon came to realize that the Room of Requirement would never appear no matter how many times I walked back and forth by those blank stone walls. Although I never found a secret room as a child, I still haven't given up the hope that someday I might.

Your Career Options Are Pretty Boring in Comparison
    In the world of Harry Potter, there were career options like becoming an Auror (someone who fights dark wizards), becoming a teacher of a magical subject, and loads of other cool things. However, when I took a career aptitude test when I was in school I didn't have cool options like that. Instead I had to choose from boring Muggle jobs.

GIFs Are the Closest Thing We Have to moving Photographs
       Can you imagine seeing pictures move? Speaking to portraits of people long gone? As a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be able to see and experience those things. However, no matter how hard I wished, moving photographs and talking portraits never became real. Instead, the closest thing we have is GIFs.

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