Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some of the Weirdest Scenes in Harry Potter

      I love Harry Potter. In fact, I love Harry Potter so much that I didn't ever stop to think about how freaking weird some of the scenes in the books and movies are. I'm going to be talking about my top three favorite, weird HP scenes.

Snape in a Dress
      One really weird scene that my brain still has a hard time processing is the scene where Snape is wearing a dress. What happens is this: Neville is in Defense Against the Dark Arts class when it is his turn to defend himself against a boggart. To make the spell work, he has to take his darkest fear and make it humorous while he performs the spell. Well, as we see in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Neville's greatest fear is Professor Snape. To make his fear funny, he imagines his Potions professor in the clothes of his grandmother. Definitely one of the funnier scenes, as well as being one of the stranger ones.

Lockhart's Valentine's Day Dwarves
      Another odd scene, this time from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret, is the scene where Gilderoy Lockhart has dwarves dressed as Cupid running around the castle. Although we didn't get to see this scene in the movie, the book gave us a pretty good visual of what this had to look like. We know they were scantily clad, wearing golden wings, and carrying harps with the most surly of looks on their faces. To imagine several grumpy little dwarves wandering around Hogwarts castle giving out Valentine's is a very weird mental image indeed.

Hogwarts' Peeping Tom
     One of my favorite weird scenes is the one where we are introduced to Hogwarts' very familiar peeping tom. After two years, we meet Moaning Myrtle again -- but this time in a different bathroom. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we meet one of our favorite ghosts once again, this time peeping in on Harry while he takes a bath. Not only is she stealing glances of a naked Harry Potter, but she comes out to talk to him as well. And make him uncomfortable. She even admits that she has watched other people bathe in the Perfects bathroom. Kinda creepy. Myrtle's kinda giving off a rapey vibe. The whole scene was just weird.  

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