Friday, March 25, 2016

4 Things All of Us Did When a New Harry Potter Book Was Released

         I don't know about you, but in the past every time a new Harry Potter book was released I went wild. I got so excited that it was unreal. I looked up the date of the release as soon as I possibly could and then I haunted the nearest book store late a night, waiting for midnight to strike so I could get my hands on the first edition of the latest adventure in the Potter series. I know I can't have been the only one. So today, I'll be talking about some of the awesome things Harry Potter fans have done when a new HP book was released.

Hanging Out at the Books Store the Night Before the Release
        Many Harry Potter fans, such as myself, made it a habit to hang out at the nearest book store the night before the release. If you were one of the ones fortunate enough to find someone to bring you to the midnight release, you were truly one of the lucky ones. You spent the night counting the hours until the release, dressing up as your favorite HP character, playing your favorite Harry Potter-themed games, and discussing fan theories.

You Went to Harry Potter Release Parties
        Something else that many of us Potterheads did is attend a Harry Potter release party. Those things were like the ultimate way to celebrate the upcoming release of a Harry Potter book. Not only did you get the book itself that night, but you also got to dress up, hang out with friends, consume HP-related refreshments, and basically just have one hell of a time.

You Freaked the Moment You Had the Book in Hand
      If you'd ever gone to a release of one of the HP books you did this: you absolutely freaked when you had that book in your hands. There was severe hugging of the book and tears involved. If anyone even suggested that you part from that beloved piece of literature, you went straight up Hermione Granger on them.

You Finished the Entire Book in One Sitting
      Lastly, one of the things that all of us probably did is finish the book in one sitting. After the parties had died down and we had gotten home, we just sat there all night, reading Harry Potter. Until the very last page had been read, we stayed up all night speed reading.

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