Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 Ways Harry Potter Parents Are Different From Our Parents

       When reading and watching Harry Potter, it did not take long for me to figure out that the parents in Harry Potter were waaaaay cooler than your average parent. While average parents punished you in a really boring, Muggle way, parents from Harry Potter had cool, sometimes magic-based punishments.   When your parents ask you to tidy up the garden, you have to deal with over grass and boring, Muggle animals. Today, I'm going to be talking about the top three ways that HP parents are cooler than our parents.

HP Kids Get Howlers
       All kids get yelled at at sometime or another. It usually consists of our parents bringing us within close proximity of them and screaming their heads off. However, if we happened to be far away with no phone access.... They can't really yell at you. However, if you're HP kid you don't have that luxury. If you're an HP kid, you get Howlers. And when that happens, not only can you hear your parent screaming at you, but the screaming is amplified and everyone in the room can hear exactly what you got in trouble for.

HP Kids Get to De-Gnome Their Gardens 
       As a kid, you probably remember having to do chores in the garden. Our chores were normally boring, like mowing the lawn, weed eating, maybe even getting rid of pesky critters. HP kids, on the other hand, get to do cool stuff like de-gnome their garden. De-gnome their garden. As in there are real, live gnomes just hanging around out there that you have to chase around and get rid of. To me, that sounds a lot more exciting than your average garden chores.

Mrs. Weasley's Mom Moments vs. Muggle Mom Moments
     Our parents might not've died protecting our lives, they probably weren't tortured to insanity by evil-doers, and they may not've physically fought to make our world a better place, but they're still pretty cool man. Even though our parents aren't magical, we love them just the same.

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