Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Is J.K. Rowling Ruining Harry Potter?

      As a Harry Potter fan, I personall love the fact that stories are regularly posted on Pottermore, a Harry Potter book is being released, and we get our first HP play and a new movie. I mean, isn't it every fan's dream to see their favorite fandom continue even after the books and movies end?

      I've been seeing blogs galore about how J.K. Rowling is ruining Harry Potter. Some fans are angry because Rowling announced that eventually Ron and Hermione have to seek marriage counseling; others are angry because Rowling is slacking on her part (for example, not doing enough research before she writes new stories on Pottermore). Many fans believe that Harry Potter should have ended with the books and movies.

    Here's my opinion: J.K. Rowling isn't ruining Harry Potter.

J.K. Rowling

   My first issue I have with the opinion that Rowling is 'ruining' Harry Potter is this: She created Harry Potter.  Without her, we would have no Harry, no Hogwarts, no Quidditch, no Hermione, no Ron. (God, can you imagine how awful that'd be?) And because she created the series, I think she should be allowed to do whatever the fuck she wants. She poured years and years and years of her life into crafting a story that people all over the world know. If she wants to write some stories explaining her thought process, then more power to her.

    My second one is this: How is that she's ruining Harry Potter when literally thousands of people across the globe wait on the edge of their seats for new stories on Pottermore, plays, movies, and theme parks. Obviously a majority of HP fans don't think Harry Potter is being ruined. I am a part of that majority.

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