Friday, April 15, 2016

3 Things Harry Potter Can Teach You About Money

     Harry Potter is great because it can teach you about all sorts of things. Love, loyalty, and bravery are just a few of the lessons that the Harry Potter series has to teach. But did you know that Harry Potter can also teach you about money?

Trust Your Gut and Your Investments
       One way that Harry Potter can teach you about money is by teaching you to trust your gut and your investments. It work for J.K. Rowling and it could work for you too. J.K. Rowling had received numerous rejection letters when she was trying to get Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone published. She stuck to it though and it truly paid off. Not only do we have the books and the movies now, but J.K. Rowling became a billionaire in the process.

Don't Gamble Away Your Wealth
     Something else Harry Potter teaches us is not to gamble away your money. We all remember that, thanks to his gambling problem, Ludo Bagman met an awful fate because he couldn't keep himself from gambling away his money. Although you probably won't be corned  by goblins like Bagman was, you will undoubtedly put yourself in sticky situations if you gamble too much.

Money Can't Buy Respect
       One of the most important things that the Harry Potter books have to teach us about money is that money cannot buy respect. We've seen that the Malfoys have a seemingly endless amount of money. However, as we see in the series, the Malfoys aren't anymore respected than anyone else. The Malfoys only succeeded in is bribing people into behaving a certain way.

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