Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Book Ginny vs. Movie Ginny: Which One Did You Like Better?

      For the past few days, I've been re-watching all of the Harry Potter films as well as re-reading all of the books. That got me wondering more about one of the most interesting characters in the series: Ginny Weasley.

    From the early Harry Potter books we can see that Ginny is going to grow up to be one kick-ass, no-bullshit kind of girl. She keeps up with all of her brothers (and with your brothers being two of the most well-known pranksters to ever step foot on Hogwarts grounds, that's saying something), can take care of herself, and is funny as hell.

Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley 

     However, when we get to movie version of Ginny, there is a lot to be desired in my opinion. In the early movies, I thought they were doing pretty well with Ginny. After all Ginny does start off to be shy and timid around Harry towards the beginning of the series. However, as Ginny got older, she didn't seem to evolve that much. She only seemed a little less shy. The biggest difference was that Ginny had boyfriends.

Fan art of Ginny Weasley

    In my opinion, they could've done so much better with Ginny. For example, they could've added that  bit where she hexed some Slytherins. Or they could've just included Ginny more with the Trio. After all, Ginny was good friends with Hermione. She did hang out with them pretty often.

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